Song writing is a mystery and a gift to me. The tunes and words come to me at the strangest of times, usually in the solitude of late night or early morning. It comes from a place deep within myself. There is definitely a spiritual component to my songs as well as a romantic theme.

For me, some of the songs on the CD represents a closing of a door on some of my relationships that didn't work out. They're not depressing songs but offer up hope. There is so much passion, truth and vulnerability, a stripping down of self, in my songs. However, there are elements of faith and courage to carry on, in spite of things, for when one door closes, another door opens.


'Eyes of the Angels'
is a collection of songs written from 1998 - 2002.

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1. Day Dawn

Written in 2002. Words written by E. Pauline Johnson. I took the first 3 verses and last and created the song.


2. Eyes of the Angels

Written in 1998. This song was a turning point for me as it got me into the BC Festival of the Arts and my first gig in front of 250 people!


3. Faded Away

Written in 2002. The words speak for themselves.


4. September's Morn
(Bowen Island)

This was written in Oct. 2002 after a trip to Bowen Island. The sound the wind makes through the pines; the wisps of clouds that finger those same trees, like smoke; the shooting stars and all the flora and fauna were so inspiring. It is understandable that there are so many friendly and artistic folks that made me feel welcome there.


5. I'm No Angel

Written in 2002. This is a song that could be a statement from a woman's point of view or a man's point of view. It's a sarcastic verbiage about the lack of communication within relationships and how our egos get in the way of things.


6. Je t'aime

Written in 2001. This song is very romantic and spiritual. I wrote it in French first and then English as a tribute to the French and English in my family.


7. Soul Song

Written in 2002. The chorus of the song was taken from a poem I wrote in 1996.


8. Tree of Life

Written in 2002. I like the concept of The Tree of Life. It is in the beginning and end of the bible, Genesis and Revelations. The first line, "Robins herald Morning", came about due to the fact that I'd been up late and I heard robins singing outside my window, meaning the dawn was rising, and it wasn't even spring yet. The rest of the song developed from that and the "Tree". It is a statement about myself and it is very gentle.


9. Words

Written in 2001. Just a simple song written about how words and my love of language affects me.


10. I Shall Remain Written in 2000. A true love song that shows vulnerability, which is a form of courage. Many times we live behind masks and sometimes it is hard to strip them off and show our true selves. This song talks of honesty, passion and empathy.
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