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Rosemarie has been doing some form of writing since she was 5. She wrote plays and poems as a child growing up in England. Her interest in the poetry and life of Canadian poet E. Pauline Johnson greatly influenced her own writing and way of looking at the world. Other writers that inspired her in her 20’s were Kahlil Gibran, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Phil Ochs, John Prine, Gordon Lightfoot, and Lao Tse.

Later on it was the writing, inspiration and soul of people like Daniel Lanois, Stephen Fearing, John Bottomley and Jann Arden, that forced her to finally do her own CD.

Before coming to Vancouver in November 1997 from Ancaster, Ontario, Rosemarie began writing songs as well as her poetry. "Some how or other I just found it to be a natural progression. To me it was very therapeutic. It gave me a voice. I had been playing classical guitar since I was 18, bought myself my first acoustic guitar in 1997 in Hamilton, and haven't looked back since."

She started singing Christmas carols with a group for seniors in west end Vancouver. Also she sang with another group and her huge puppet Emily for young children at Community Days, but had never sung her own songs.

"My big break came with the BC Festival of the Arts. They had a Call for Entry and were asking for singer/songwriter's who could accompany themselves on an instrument and who "showed promise for a professional career." So I tossed my little cassette in the mail, and received the call to go to Victoria. I had to perform for the very first time in front of 250 people, with the house lights up, no less! I was one of 14 other people accepted out of about 100 applicants, so it was a real privilege.

The reaction from audience members was amazing as they said that my songs were very inspiring, that I had inspired them, and that I was very professional. It really pivoted me into continuing to write. It was such an honour to work and share the stage with people like Stephen Fearing, Colleen Eccleston, and David Grierson from CBC, who was taping the show.

I have had some wonderful feedback about my new CD so far. It's a headphone's type record. It's very romantic, peaceful, spiritual, soft, intimate, vulnerable and honest. It's me! It is my voice; it is my heart; it is my truth. It's an unadorned acoustic record. Straight up and simple. I hope people will like it."

All of the songs on the CD, except the words to Day Dawn, were written by Rosemarie. She accompanies herself on guitar and harmonies on all the tracks, produced the CD, and took all the nature photos too.

Not many people know that Rosemarie is an avid photographer who also has her photos in Chiefswood Museum, Ohsweken, Ontario, the birthplace of E. Pauline Johnson. "Yes, I sent off my enlarged photographs of Pauline's cairn that's located here in Stanley Park. I sent them to the curator of the museum, Paula Whitlow. She in turn had to present them to the Six Nations band council for approval, which they did. They sent me a lovely letter saying that "they would be there for generations to come”! That has been one of the greatest gifts to me for I visited Pauline's house many times. Now a piece of me remains in that house. I was invited to the grand re-opening of Chiefswood in 1998 and it was the most special moment in my life."

Rosemarie has sold many of her framed photographs and photo cards. Some are for sale, along with her CD, in the Art and Store page. Presently she is also working on a book of poetry with photos plus a new CD. "I love nature and what it says to me. I am more at peace in the woods or a garden or by the ocean, and BC offers the most beautiful vistas I have ever seen."

Rosemarie's debut CD 'Eyes of the Angels' reflects that beauty of nature, the spirit and of loves' lost. It is full of poetical lyricism, not a hook-driven pop formula. Like herself, it's unpretentious, passionate, refreshingly honest, and full of hope.

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